Totallee Dipherent!

So, the Sci-Fi Channel is changing its name. Soon it will be the SyFy Channel.  Why?  Oh, there are polite reasons, such a growing focus beyond science fiction-making SyFy its own brand.  But officials also have said they want to distance themselves from the “geek community”.  Which is a pretty much their base, funny enough.

But you really want to know how the Sci Fi channel could go about changing their image for the better?

1.  Stop with the crappy Sci-Fi original movies.  Put as much effort into having quality original movies as your television shows.  As a Network, Sci-Fi has received praise for it’s shows.  But it’s movies are full of crappy cgi giant snakes, sea monsters, sharks, spiders and mythical creatures.  It’s a place to see actors you thought had left the business.  Did you know Parker Lewis is still working in TV and film?*  Get better movies, instead of cheesey wanna be blockbusters, go for character driven fantasy, sci-fi and horror.

2.Use the NBC heft to get some rights to stuff like LotR, Star Wars, Star Trek, Bond films, Blade Runner, Alien, etc.  Find a way to get deals for the important and great sci-fi, fantasy and horror films.  Seriously, something like Dark Knight or Watchmen should get shown on Sci-Fi for its basic cable debut.

3.Instead of investing in wrestling and reality game shows?  Focus on the next Battlestar Galactica.  Also, work to be the portal for great oversee’s sci-fi/fantasy/horror productions.  Shows that other networks didn’t have.  Not the American remake…the original.  And work to get solid shows that are entering syndication.  The deal to show Lost?  Smart.  Do more of that.  Right now, I fear we are more likely to get re-runs of Homeboys In Outer Space.

*Apologies to Corin Nemic-I have very fond memories of Parker Lewis Can’t Lose.  Season one hits DVD in June!

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