If You Have Nothing to Actually Offer?

I’m just going to say it.  If people are discussing a big movie and your response is along the lines of “I would rather watch a Dardennes films”(or pick any of your favorite art house/European filmmakers)?  You pretty much invalidate yourself in the discussion.  For one thing?  Haughty art house people who hate anything mainstream?  They are never fun people to discuss movies with.  In fact they make people hate movies.  I’ve never seen a Dardennes film.  And I never want to.  I can’t meet a fan of them that is not overly pretentious.  And if that is the brilliant and insightful attitude it creates in people?  I’d rather be a boorish fan of Jaws and Indiana Jones.  Hell, those are at least entertaining to talk about.

So, if your wanting to interject into discussions of hit movies with some condescending claim about how you prefer some deep and boring european or indie filmmaker and do not have time to Watchmen, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, whatever?  Just shut up and say nothing.  See, you aren’t offering anything of substance.  You don’t really know anything about the film if you have not seen it.  You can’t offer any useful insight to whether it’s good or not, or if there is an underlying meaning others might be missing.  You are simply trying to show how much better than the masses you are.  And honestly?  It only “benefits” your ego.   It also makes the rest of us ask, “Why does your opinion matter?  You aren’t actually speaking from a place of knowledge.”

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  1. Just wondering, have you seen The Wrestler, i.e. the Mickey Rourke movie? I ask because the director of that film says the style of it was very influenced by the Dardennes. Is Darren Aronofsky “overly pretentious”? 🙂

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