Your Anger Proves Me Right!

Huh.  Maybe next members of Peta could dress up like Bin Ladin, holding toy planes and little replicas of the Twin Towers while protesting KFC mutant chicken farms.  I mean, just think of the possibilities of people you could offend with that one, Peta!!!  People from the middle east, the families of victims of 9/11, Muslims, 9/11 Truthers…the list goes on.

The sad fact is that Peta members will respond favorably to all criticism.  In their minds, this is getting their message out*.  They are not alone of course.  People of all religions, political philosophies and so on often feel vindicated by persecution…afterall, if you are making people mad, you must be doing something right…people hate the truth, it makes them feel guilty and defensive and they attack you-the person offering the cold hard truth.  That’s the funny thing about “Truth” everyone from Jesus to Malcolm X promised it would bring suffering and persecution.  And in many cases, they were right.  The problem is, though, those promised tend to become self fulfilling prophesies.  People behave outrageously and find a negative response, and they think it is their message that people are reacting to.

Is Fred Phelps and his family persecuted solely for their opinion that homosexuality is a sin?  Or are they actually facing persecution for their behavior?  Peta is much more like Fred Phelps and his hateful family than Martin Luther King, Jr.  And both feel totally vindicated by the negative reactions they get.  After all…people just don’t like hearing the truth.

*Ironically, I have no recollection of what Peta was protesting.  All I remember is white people in sheets on the street handing out fliers.

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