Own an iPod? Want that WB Digital Copy That Came With Your DVD/BD?

So, several movies are being packaged with digital copies, so you can add the movie to your iPod or other portable video playing device and watch it on the go.  Since a couple movies I purchase had this feature, I thought I would give it a try.  I put in the Incredible Hulk bonus disc, and iTunes popped right up and took me to a page to type in the access code provided with the disc.  I typed in the code, and the movie automatically downloaded at no extra cost to me.  I was then able to transfer it to my iPod.  Seems like a nifty deal for trips and the like.  So I tried to add Dark City.  Surprisingly, I inserted the disc and nothing happened.  It just sat there in the drive.  I tried starting it up, but noticed the files were .exe (windows only).  Then I noticed that there were only WMP files.

Today, I made an interesting discovery…unlike Universal, Warner Brothers has opted to make their digital copies completely incompatible with iPods.  You know…the most popular and common personal audio/video player currently on the market?   Yeah, that makes sense.

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  1. Because of this I will be contributing to the continuing piracy of The Dark Knight. I don’t necessarily have a problem with the piracy in the first place, but I like to pay for movies that I think were exceptionally good. I bought The Dark Knight expecting the same thing happen as when I inserted Juno into my drive.  Love. Instead, the movie does nothing. It is especially deceiving because of the same “Digital Copy” branding. I wont be buying too many WB movies after this one.

  2. There is a program you can download for free that converts any vid file into an mp4 (or any other type of file). It’s easy to use. “MPEG_Streamclip” is the program name, company name is Sqaured 5. It will even download YOUTUBE url and convert it for your Ipod. Hope this helps.

  3. I got the Dark Knight with digital copy and it copied over perfectly fine to my iPod. I just put in the disc, opened iTunes and it showed up under devices. When I clicked on it, it prompted me for the Auth. Code and started to download.

  4. Huh…I thought I had done a follow-up post noting that they fixed the issue by the time Dark Knight came out. WB has fixed this and now includes Apple compatibility.

  5. Got tales of the black freighter has digital copy. it is not compatable with ipod. Guess they reneged their compatibility with ipod.

  6. I bought a copy of Harry Potter 6 on dvd with a digital copy to put on my iPhone but just found out that it is not compatible with iTunes. What can I do to get WB to fix this?

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