Spore-For Gamers Who Hate the Baby Jesus

I am sure this is pretty much all gamers.  They probably believe in the Force Unleashed.  Which is a pretty cool game. (Okay, I kid, I doubt most gamers hate the Baby Jesus)

Apparently, the game Spore is generating controversy for being “Anti-Christian.”  What makes it anti-Christian?

Well nothing…see…

All this is is apparently from this website.  And it was an elaborate hoax that generated somewhere around 6,000 comments from people who believed it was real.  And apparently, evolutionists are as easily suckered as creationists.

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  1. I have to admit I really don’t like the word “evolutionist” (or “Darwinist” for that matter). It implies that belief in the validity of the theory of evolution is akin to philosophy or religion when it’s really just acknowledgment of what we observe in nature, and most people who use the term are creationists who are trying to legitimize their position by making the argument look like a clash between rival faiths.

    But yeah, people are stupid.

  2. Well, evolution is a theory that is constantly growing and changing as scientists learn more. And people choose to believe it or they do not. In that sense it is akin to philosophy (although, a scientific philosophy). But I needed a shorthand for “people who accept the theory.” And just like Christians, there are many on other sides of the debate that are just as easily suckered, which was what I found funny. 🙂

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