It Is a Shame

That many on the left (and even some on the right-I am looking at you Andrew Sullivan) went crazy and grasped at everything they could make up in an attempt to sink Palin…it makes legit criticisms something supporters of the Palin/McCai-er-McCain/Palin ticket almost justifiably write off as more attacks.

But this interview?  Right here?

It is just embarassing.  It appears she went into this totally unprepared.

When asked for something other than the Freddie Mac/Sallie Mae concerns McCain raised a couple years back, Palin responded by reciting the example Couric provided and nothing else.

“I’ll get em for ya!”  Seriously?

On the other side…the Brave New Foundation has released a thirty second video condensing this one.  It’s a pretty despicable scare tactic.

The ad is choice quotes from the video with footage of scars on McCain’s face.  I am glad it is just the right wing that uses scare tactics against the voting public.

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3 thoughts on “It Is a Shame Leave a comment

  1. No doubt…I can’t wait to see that debate.

    Palin: “You want facts? Let me get back to you on that!”

    Biden: “Well…I don’t know if my answer will be as good as Hilary may have given…in fact, it probably won’t be…”

  2. I’ve always advocated going after her strictly on the professional level and just letting her candidacy implode naturally.

    I’ve got to agree with you about how some bloggers grasping at crap like the “Trig isn’t really Sarah’s baby” rumor retarded the progress of this implosion.

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