Just a Little Point About that SNL Palin Incest Sketch…

The conservatives complaining are either being ridiculous or stupid.  The sketch was mocking reporters and how out of touch the media is.  Hence, joke where no reporter knows what a snow mobile is.  It also is mocking how the media and some bloggers *lept* on every story, no matter how absurd, and treated it seriously (is Trig Palin’s kid-or DUMDUMDUM!!!!-her Grandkid?!).  So you have a reporter pitch incest to the editor.  And their defense for investigating it is they haven’t heard that he is not.

No one thinks Todd Palin sleeps with his daughters, at least no one normal-certainly not because they saw an SNL sketch.  SNL chose it because it is outrageously insane to suggest it.  They were not seriously pushing it (in spite of some conservatives’ insistence otherwise).  They did not smear the family name with a cheap shot.  SNL mocks the media.  In fact, if they had done the same sketch with Obama or Biden, conservatives would be griping that they presented Obama as a victim of the media.

As usual, the conservative response is to whine about media attacks and miss the point.  Color me shocked.

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