Frugal It Is…

While not exactly a daring target, Jack Van Impe and Christian broadcasting does allow for some interesting observations on some parts of the Church’s attempts to use modern culture and technology as mere tools to spread their message.  I hesitate to use the term “Spread the Gospel”, because in reality, I find more of what they do is put forth obsessive defenses of certains types of theology.  Jack Van Impe has been predicting the imminent end of the world for a few decades now.

But as I noted, we poke some fun at other aspects of Christian Broadcasting in this video as well.  For one, the character of Pastor Slick Phillip, hysterically played by Jordan (and oh so timely…”skip that sold out Flavor Flav concert!”) and the John Denver-esque performance by John Devlin crack me up on their own…but certainly, it’s sadly all to true, that attempts at relevancy from this particular area often miss the mark and look silly at best.

There is a lot I like in this video, and I find it hard to pick one standout moment.  I think people will notice Todd’s Cinemax performance, but Kevin as Jack Von Trousner should not be overlooked.  He is hilarious in the role.   In the “Prada Bible” sequence, pay special attention to his facial expression, which goes from freaked out to “quick save”.  Frugality…

We went the extra mile and included some deleted scenes.  They were some very funny moments, but at over ten minutes, we knew the video had to be trimmed.  So, without further adieu, here are the deleted scenes:

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