Sketch Fridays

Okay, so, I started reading the Unearthed Cemetery Blues…it tells the tales of Ridley and Falstaff, to would be battlers of the supernatural.  They get instruction from a ghost named Lear, who seems continuously agitated with them as he tried to get them to hunt down his evil nemesis.  Cemetery Blues is a fun series, and for me, it’s resulted in a few sketches.  I like this one enough that I think I will color it at some point.  Overall, I like it, though there are some things I would tweak.

Cemetery Blues
Cemetery Blues

The idea was from a panel in the original Cemetery Blues mini series Curse of Wallace Manner.  It’s one of those shots where I thought-this would be a great cover or advertisement.  I played around, the ghost Lear was not in the original image, it was the character CHarles Wallace.  I chose to remove Wallace and replace him with Lear.  But the composition of Falstaff and Ridley is pretty much the same.

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  1. Dude, you just keep getting better.

    I like how you draw caricatures. I actually think they look better than your more “realistic” work. One thing I recommend is practice on drawing legs and feet, though, since they look a mite stiff below the waist.

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