Well, Finally.

This morning, , my DVR was off.  Usually that means an update I will never notice occurred.  But not this morning.  I turned it on and had a spiffy new Channel 1on Demand.  I now, after months of griping under my breath have access to Comcast’s Fearnet.com.  What appeals to … Continue Reading Well, Finally.

And Now Isaac Hayes?

Huh. His sudden South Park Reversal a few years ago bugged me (after years of defending the show’s mockery of other religions, he suddenly found it offensive when they went after his “religion”-Scientology)…but he did contribute one of the great movie theme songs to pop culture.

Dead at 50…

Generally speaking, I liked Bernie Mac (I like loud comics…so sue me) and found his performances on stage and in film entertaining.  My sympathies for his family. Wasn’t he having to recently deny rumors of his death recently?

Oh Irony…I Love You

So Greyhound is pulling an ad campaign after the recent incident in which a man beheaded another man on a Greyhound bus. What was the campaign? “There’s a reason you’ve never heard of bus rage.”