Sketch Fridays

Okay…more from the idea I am working on…

Exploring a look for trolls.



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  1. Ever notice how trolls in different works can look completely different to the point of being totally separate creatures while things like dragons or vampires are always pretty much the same? I mean, man-eating giants that eat people and turn to stone in the sunlight and little big-haired critters with outie bellybuttons are both called trolls and no one says anything about it.

    But on-topic, I like your designs. They look kind of anti-heroic, like they could be either heroes or villains – kinda like Hellboy, I think. Only thing is that the troll in the second picture looks like he’s about to fall over.

  2. Will-that’s because he has Rob Liefeldian feet. 😉

    Roger…what? Haven’t you seen Shrek? My design looks nothing like that! 🙂

    Actually, considering that the concept I am working on plays with a lot of fantasy elements, I am trying to find ways to approach the fantasy elements that are familiar…but not lacking some imagination. Last Friday was actually an potential ogre sketch.

  3. You are teh suck!

    Oh, wait, we’re talking about trolls as in “monsters,” not Internet jackasses. Sorry.

    Seriously, thanks for sharing. I’m eager to see how the project turns out.

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