The Mixed Bag…part 2

Here is my second disc…the ‘B’ side…

The numerical gaps are soundbites from movies/TV.

2.I Want a Warning-Idlewild
I just wanted another action packed beginning.

3.Light To Follow-Polyphonic Spree
I like to think of these guys as a more melodic and mainstream Danielson. I was definitely going for more “alternative” to this disc.

4.But Your So Beautiful-Future Bible Heroes
It’s a very space aged love song. I really like it.

5.Deft Left Hand-Babyshambles
Pete Doughty is a messed up guy…but he makes some great music.

6.Kundalini Express-Love and Rockets
I just really enjoy the driving synths and general feeling of motion the song conveys.

7.Work It Out-Undercover
One of my favorite Undercover tacks. It just doesn’t let up. Kind of a funk feel underlying it.

9.Could’ve Gone Mad-Poe
Every alternative theme disc needs the angry alt girl singer.

10.Like A Luminous Girl-Mike Doughty
I loved him in Soul Coughing, I have enjoyed him pretty much as much in the solo career he has carved out. There isn’t many other singers who quite have his vocal styling, so I always recognize his work…in a good way.

11.Radio, Radio-Elvis Costello
Burn those bridges, Elvis.

12.Push (These Walls Down)-4.4.1.
I really like this melancholy track from this band.

13.Softness Goodness-Starflyer 59
After the mellowness of the prior track, I was not totally ready to leave that, so I chose this heavier track that still have a mellow and sad vibe.

15.Takin’ On Water-Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson? Heck yeah. New country I cannot deal with…but old school country (Nelson, Cash, Buck Owens, Patsy Cline)? I am all over that. Still, this is more rock and roll to me than country.

16.(Crazy For You But) Not That Crazy-The Magnetic Fields
I just really like the goofiness of this track.

17.Wino Of The Red Is Stained-L.S.U.
The song doesn’t really make a lot of sense out of the context of the album (about a cult that infiltrates a California Church) but I like the very…punch of the song.

18.So It Goes-Nick Lowe
I like the bounce of the chorus in this song. It’s pretty much the only reason I chose it.

20.Jesus Is On the Mainline-Cush
Cush has had a variety of sounds…this is an outtake. I kind of wonder what the album this might have gone with might have sounded like. It feels like Love & Rockets meets Souxsie & the Banshees.

21.I Should Be Allowed to Think-They Might Be Giants
I just wanted a catchy TMBG track that wasn’t from Flood.

23.Memory Lane-Daniel Amos
Yeah…this song screams 80’s. Daniel Amos was very influenced by the new wave music when they put out this song in the early 80’s. But I always liked this track, and it was rare for it’s time…challenging the standard workings of “ministry” and “testimonies”.

24.Gonna Never Have to Die-Guided By Voices
This is about as close as GBV gets to pop.

25.Last Stop: This Town-Eels
I just feel you can’t go wrong with including the Eels on a mix. Though I am sure someone will disagree. 🙂

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