The Mixed Bag…

So, I participated in Lefty’s Mixed Bag project Bag & Tag. I will start with my selection. Because I was late in sending mine out, I created a bonus disc.

Trouble In Mind

Disc 1:

1.Just a line I like from an episode of Angel…all about living as things should be, so the world can see what it can be.

2.Stop the Rock-Apollo 440
I just wanted to start the disc off with something energetic. It’s forgettable but catchy.

3.This Is Not the End-The Bravery
I like the Bravery’s 80’s style. Yeah…I like 80’s music.

4.A Love That’s Stronger Than Our Fear-Derek Webb
An upbeat track, it’s hopeful, and I like that. Kind of a poppy number, with folksy protest style lyrics about love without fear.

5.Morning Sun-Echo & the Bunnymen
I always liked the more haunted works of the Bunnymen. But this is more hopeful and almost upbeat, but still mellow.

6.Nothing-Gary Jules
This begins a musical experiment in flow. I started with this gentle folk tune by the guy most well known for that mellow cover of Tears For Fear’s Mad World(the one used in that Gears of War ad).

7.Free Until They Cut Me Down-Iron & Wine
I moved then to this folksy/bluesy number. It’s an odd track to me, because it seems upbeat, yet mellow at the exact same time.

8.Crazy Mixed Up World-Little Walter
Leading to some outright old time blues. I love to jump and shout…

9.Frenzy-Screamin’ Jay Hopkins
Is Hawkins blues? Or just insanity set to music?

10.Trouble In Mind-Lightnin’ Hopkins
The title track…this is just old fashioned blues. One of those songs that seems to epitomize what you expect a blues song to sound like.

11.Death Letter-Johnny Farmer/Organized Noize
This is the next “transition”. I like how the song mixes blues with a digital beat.

12.None Shall Pass-Aesop Rock
I really enjoy the quirkiness of the beat of this one. I also just really like the delivery.

13.Illusions-The Pharcyde
I discovered these guys on one of the first Mix Bags I was a part of. I chose this song for two reasons, I like the musical riff, very evocative of the 80’s. The other reason is tied to the next song. This is a song critical of artists who pretend to be one thing, but are another when the cameras are off them. I am not entirely sure if it is decrying “thug” culture in hip hop or merely those that pretend to be thugs.

14.Bamboozled-L.A. Symphony
Here is a song that goes a step beyond the Pharcyde track and pretty much laments all the sex, materialism and violence that seems to permeate the more popular hip hop scene. I thought it was a nice companion piece to Illusions.

I just like this track. Experiment ends.

16.In the Time of My Ruin-Frank Black
Frank has had a pretty solid career since the end of the Pixies. No, not world wide fame…but I have found most of his CDs interesting offerings. This just had a nice vibe.

17.If Not For You-Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken
Cover of a Dylan song. I prefer the George Harrison cover to the original, but this is a damn nice cover.

18.Long Forgotten Fairy Tale-the Magnetic Fields
Chosen because I dug the 80’s synthesizer vibe.

19.Mansion In the Sky-Brian Jonestown Massacre
I like this downhome country/folk track. I am not sure if it is sincere or mocking…but I still dig it.

20.The Plot That Weaves-Brothers Martin
Ronnie Martin is Joy Electric, an electronic act. his brother Jason fronts Starflyer 59, a shoegazer act. For the first time since their years as Dancehouse Children, they perform together, blending their styles.

21.Be Still-The Alarm
The song sounds a lot like late 80’s U2. But I still like the optimism of the track.

22.Love Is the Protest-Jars of Clay
Not unlike Derek Webb, the band is starting to get interested in a bit of the social Gospel. I like this track, the idea of love as protest works for me. I wanted to end on an upbeat and hopeful note.

23. Robots-Flight of the Conchords
Like I said…I wanted to end on an upbeat note. What is more upbeat than a song about how Robots kill humanity and rule the world?

Tomorrow, Disc 2…

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  1. I liked much of it. I’m only up to playing the 2nd disc for the 2nd time, and I really need to listen thrice before I’m sure. BTW, the title track is a song my father used to sing.

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