Okay…Celebrity Crushes

A few days back, I declared that I would not have the courage out of fear of ridicule for my history of celebrity crushes. Roger suggested I go ahead with it. Then Roger one upped me and published his history of celebrity crushes. So here we go…

The 70’s

1.Lynda Carter
Wonder woman. I do not remember a single episode. I remember Lynda Carter being the first moment where I noticed there was something about women that was intriguing. At the time I did not know what. But there was something about Lynda. Now I would say it’s the eyes, the nose, the lips.
Wonder Woman...

2.Erin Grey
Wilma Deering. Do I need to say more? Smart and skilled (how many women on TV were pilots at that time?) and yeah…pretty.
Daring Deering...

3. Sophia LorenSmokin Hot...
I have not seen many movies with Sophia…but she is still someone I remember being very taken by before I ever hit puberty. Like Carter, I had no clue why I liked seeing her…I just did.

4. Raquel Welch
Same as above. I just can’t figure out what stood out to me about Welch.
maybe it was the bikini?

The 80s

5.Pheobe Catesawwww...
Seriously, I am unsure there is a guy under 50 who did not harbor a crush on Pheobe…and I had not even seen Fast Times At Ridgemont High when my crush started. She had that nice combo of being “hot” and adorably cute at the exact same time.

6.Faye Grant
Lizard KillerThe lovely and smart scientist who led the rebels against the evil mice eating lizards in V. I have no idea where she went beyond that. The V tv series failed after one season if I call correctly…and my crush fizzled shortly thereafter. It got briefly renewed thanks to DVD.

7.Alyssa Milanothe boss...
Who’s the Boss defined situation comedy. Okay, maybe it didn’t. But Alyssa Milano went from child actress to cutie on the show. And I saw enough episodes to be smitten by her. This crush did not continue on though. Not sure why, I mean, she’s still attractive to me…but alas, that is the nature of the celebrity crush…you move past them (sometimes quickly, sometimes not so quickly).

8.Tiffany Amber TheissenKelly KAPOWski...get it?
Pretty much the only reason I ever sat through an episode of Saved By the Bell. Well that and the antics of Zack and Slater…oh Zack and Slater…your competition to win Kelly was oh so…something.

9.Nicole EggertNicole Eggert
Yes…the late 80s saw my celeb crushes coming from bad syndicated sitcoms. Not much to say about this one. She was cute. That’s kind of what a crush is all about…yeah?

The 90’s

10.Debbie Dunningtool girl.
The second Tool Time Girl.Not much else to say about that. Other than she was the one reason I tried watching Leprechaun 4. She was a space marine in that one.

11.Janeane GarafoloWitty...
She was in this movie with Uma Thurman where she was “the plain girl” who used Uma Thurman to play her on dates with a guy. I on the other hand never got into Uma. Still don’t. But I thought Jeneane was awesomely smart, attractive, witty and had the right amount of cynicism.

12.Jennifer AnistonLook At That Hair!
This celeb Crush ran alongside the next one. It ended sooner though. I think it was just a case of familiarity.

13.Courtney Coxmonica
I liked the Monica character more than the Rachel Character, and I found her even more endearing in later seasons when Monica and Chandler became a couple.

14.Jessica AlbaAlba
This is one that I figured would garner ridicule. A friend used to give me a tough time for thinking she was attractive (though, he is gay…so it’s a slightly different perspective). I remember seeing Idle Hands (which, oddly, I checked out because Seth Green was in it) and thinking,”By golly that girl is cute!” I still think people are a bit unfair about Alba…I don’t think she is an awful actress, just not a great one. She has been plenty competent for the roles she has played, but none of those are roles that will make a list of powerful moments. She has a lot of work ahead of her if she wants to create a body of work that will get people to see her as more than a hot movie babe.

15.Sarah Michelle GellarSMG
As a big fan of the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I doubt this is any sort of surprise. I liked that the character walked a fine line of tough but vulnerable. I also liked her nose and eyes. They stood out to me. She has not made many great or good films since. But I will always remember her quite fondly as Buffy Summers.

16.Charisma CarpenterCharisma
This developed as the character changed. I knew little to nothing about the actress, but her character went from spoiled rich brat to self sacrificing, empathic and noble through several seasons. It made Carpenter appealing as a person, not simply a pretty face.

What I noticed was a distinct lack of models. Yes, several of these women had modeling gigs prior to acting. But I just never noticed models beyond “gee, she’s pretty”. A singular deviation is Miranda Kerr, though I am not sure I would call her a celeb crush at this point. She stands out to me…but…eh. I just never got into Cindy Crawford. Seriously. Did not see the big deal. If we were to look into the 2000’s I would say contenders for celeb crushes were Billie Piper and Freema Agyeman (both of Doctor Who). I also discovered while checking around that two of the celebrity crushes are the same age as me(Alyssa Milano and Nicole Eggert). I never knew that. So there you go.

4 thoughts on “Okay…Celebrity Crushes Leave a comment

  1. I posted my list, and of course Phoebe Cates made it! That’s the only one that’s also on yours, although I agree with many of your choices, especially Erin Grey and Faye Grant (man, I forgot about Faye Grant). Personally, you should get more ridicule for watching Saved by the Bell than for crushing on Jessica Alba. Saved by the Bell? Really? And I agree with you about Courteney Cox, especially that season where she had short hair. She was quite the hottie!

  2. See, that wasn’t so bad. If I didn’t stop at age 18, 1 and 4 would have definitely made my list, and 3 did. Some of the others would as well. But we’ll save that for another time.

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