The War Is Over…Baby Please Come Home…

Well, the big rumor over the weekend was that Toshiba was throwing in the towel on HD-DVD.  Now, as of yesterday morning, Toshiba was denying this, saying they were just re-evaluating their game plan.  By this morning, that is not the case.

Toshiba announced today that they are dropping the format. I am impressed by Sony here.  Afterall, they got toasted by VHS in the last major format war.  And they won while being significantly more expensive than the competing format.  And to top it off?  They won while not being ready to be on the market, while the opposing format was ready.  HD-DVDs already did everything they promised.  Blu-Ray on the other hand keeps saying “just wait!”  It won’t be fully ready until the fall.  So, that’s impressive.

I’ll be curious to see if Microsoft tries to get something set up for a Blu-Ray player like the HD-DVD player they have.  I suppose someone other than Sony might be willing to make one.  I can’t see Sony doing a deal with Microsoft for it though, since Sony would rather you just buy a PS3.

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  1. I have heard rumors that as early as May there will be a Blu-ray stand alone player for the Xbox 360. I do believe the MS will make a Blu-ray attachment, but I doubt it wouldn’t be available until the holidays.

    As an early adopter of Hd-DVD I am a little sad to see the format go, but I am giddy waiting for the HD-DVD movie sell-off. I already bought Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz for roughly $15 a piece.

    Now I’m just waiting for a hot deal on The Ultimate Matrix.

  2. Yeah. I figure the best part of this is the potential for cheap “gotta get rid of them” HD-DVDs. I like the format, and I find it less glitch prone than Blu-Ray…

    I can understand studios’ preference…specifically that Blu-Ray has regions, HD-DVD is region free. And the one big plus (capacity). But still, I have enjoyed the HD DVD experience. It will be missed. 😉

    But hey, if anyone wants to get me a PS3 for my Birthday, let me know! 🙂

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