I know This Is Who I Would Turn To…

For parenting advice. Okay, maybe that isn’t fair, but Lynn Spear’s kids have not actually been showing themselves to have been the best decision makers. So it is no surprise that Thomas Nelson (an religious book publisher) has shelved her parenting book indefinitely.

I must admit, I got the impression that the younger sis was the smarter of the two and not on her way to repeating her older sisters… ill judgments.

But my real question is, what caused a religious publisher to choose, of all people, the mother of Britney Spears as author of a guide to raising high profile kids from a low profile background. I could see why a mainstream publisher would choose her, but a religious publisher? It’s not like Brit is a shining example held high in the Christian community to emulate. I mean, she did not shave her head for monastic reasons and run off to join a nunnery. So, who at Thomas Nelson thought, “Parenting of high profile kids…whose kids have really impressed us with their stability in the face of pressure from a fame hungry audience and media beast that chews kids up? I know! Lynn Spears!”

I picture it like this:


The Offices of Thomas Nelson Publishing a Year or Two Back

Thomas Nelson Guy 1: We need a book that will sell well. The sales on our books about Harry Potter and the Da Vinci Code have slowed down. And Left Behind is pretty much over for now. How about something about fame?

Thomas Nelson Guy 2: Oh! Oh! Oh! Wait for it…WAAAIT for it… How about marriage and fame? Or maybe…PARENTING and fame!

TN Guy1: Oooo! Good call. We could have a famous parent write about raising kids in a hectic lifestyle that our readers can’t relate to, what with their mundane lives.

TN Guy 2: Oh, wait, better. The entertainment industry destroys the moral values of families and eats children who are a part of the machine for breakfast…we have a parent write about their famous kids and what it was like…maybe give it a quasi “educational” angle…sort of instructional!

TN Guy 1: Great! So who do we get? Maybe Hulk Hogan? We have a readership that totally digs wrestling.

TN Guy 2: Hmmm…I don’t know…their son and daughter seem pretty wild.

TN Guy 1: Fair point. How about…HEY! Britney’s mom!

TN Guy 2: Who?

TN Guy 1: Britney Spear’s mom! Lynn Spears. I mean, Britney got married and had kids, and the other daughter is a star on some show on Nickelodeon.

TN Guy 2: What about their brother?

TN Guy 1: They have a brother? Is he famous? An actor or singer or something?

TN Guy 2: No.

TN Guy 1: Then who cares?

TN Guy 2: Fair point. As long as nothing to crazy happens with the kids, this will be publishing gold…I am pretty sure we can gloss over some of the stuff from Brit’s pre-marriage career that would make our readers cringe.

TN Guy 1: Yeah, there is no way this can go wrong! Lets get in contact with Lynn Spears!


I think that is exactly how it happened. Or nothing like that at all. I can’t really decide.

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