So, I saw Best Buy had this game for $15 for the X-Box 360. I remembered seeing some promotional stuff that made it look like fun. I am not real concerned with plot in my games. Give me something where I am blowing away monsters or thugs (real world style or fantasy) and I am happy. I borrowed Call of Duty 4 from work, and that got fun once I started to get the hang of it.

Needless to say, I had not actually seen reviews of Bulletwitch. I must say…disappointing. Seriously. It was not easy to figure out the controls and they wereclumsy at best. I would say my entire Bulletwitch experience went like this:

Try and shoot bad guys who have me surrounded. Can’t seem to hit them, cannot dodge bullets fast enough, dead in 12 seconds. Over and over again. And this was in standard mode, not hard. Come on! My character is a supernatural lead, surely she can withstand more than this-right? Apparently not. It was the same scenario about eight times. So I took it out and resumed Call of Duty.

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