I take the side of “offendees.” Even if I don’t fully agree with what has offended them. I mean, I think there are times where people are offended by something and I feel their interpretation which led to being offended was wrong. However…

In this case? I just could not keep a straight face and tell someone that their offense was valid. Now, note that no person has lodged any complaints about this. And I cannot remember a time in the past where someone has. This is a company suggesting to their employees that it might be offensive to women for Santa to use his traditional holiday laugh.

I must say, if a person did register a complaint? I could only laugh. There is no way to interpret “Ho-ho-ho” as being used in the modern slang fashion when coming from a mall Santa. Sure, if your mall Santa is Flavor Flav? It’s possible. But your average run of the mill Santa? No. And if Santa’s laugh makes you think that he is really trying to put down women? You are are kind of…well, lets face it…over-reacting. Don Imus calling women “Nappy Headed Hoes”? Quite offensive. Santa belting out “Ho, Ho, Ho!” Not. At. All.

But if they are not given a choice, and have to come up with an alternative? I vote for Bwa-ha-ha-ha.

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  1. Lessee: “ha ha ha” and “hee hee hee” sound like someone laughing AT someone; “hey, hey, hey” sounds like Fat Albert; and “hi hi hi” falls under Macca’s copyright. Think I’ll stick to the original.

  2. That’s so dumb. 😦

    A better use of their efforts would be to fight the use of the word “ho” to not just mean “prostitute” but to mean “woman” in general. 😦 I’m tired of hearing so many ppl I just talk to or run into or whatever, use “ho” to mean “woman” or “girl”. :\

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