Huh. Exactly When Did…

Metallica’s Enter Sandman become a wedding dance staple? I seem to have heard that one at a lot of weddings. And seeing your parents dance to that and AC/DC is kind of bizarre. Also, does any one hear the first few seconds of Ice, Ice Baby and get excited-thinking they are getting Under Pressure by Queen and Bowie? And then feel the same crushing sense of defeat when you realize it’s actually Vanilla Ice?!

I spent this weekend as a part of my cousin’s wedding. My family is particularly close to my cousin’s family (though we are certainly close with many of my mom’s family-she has nine siblings), So I was more than happy to be a part of it. I created a video montage of the bride and groom from their childhoods to present and also did the artwork for the wedding program. My cousin married a real great guy, so I was pleased to be involved. And I had a great time, there was camaraderie with family, good food, dancing, etc.

But I must confess, there is a certain awkwardness for me at weddings. At every wedding I have been to in the past few years, I have been dateless. Actually, at every wedding I have ever been to, come to think of it. In my day to day life, singleness really does not bother me. I enjoy singleness. I am not opposed to relationships and marriage, however. If I met someone and found myself unable to be satisfied with just being friends with her? Sure thing, I’d be happy to take that step in a new direction. But I am at a point where such thoughts and feelings occur. No, I am most often in life, content to “just be friends”.

However, the one time I tend to feel the “negative” weight of singleness is at weddings. It’s partly because I usually a small part of the group that is there alone. I watch as friends and family introduce other friends and family to potential dates. I watch people get to slow dance with their dates.

Okay, to be fair, my sister’s boyfriend asked me which of the girls I wanted to hook up with there. However, I saw that as a chance to go down in burning humiliation. Mainly because most of the women I had noticed seemed to have dates. And most all of them were friends of my cousin or her sister’s (uh, also my cousin). This means they were in their early, early twenties. This is not a huge issue for me…but most likely not the biggest win for them (they might feel differently if they got to know me…but based on a first meet?). So I struggled to find a way out of that, as he seemed to have had enough to drink that he was definitely going to try and get me hooked up with any girl I said I was attracted to (and yeah, for the record, there were plenty of girls I noticed-I just did not see where it would not get awkward).

I think once I finish editing the video together, I will not be thinking so deeply about this. But I must admit, as I was capturing the video, this stuff seemed to stay in front of my mind, more so than I generally care for it to.

On the other hand, the video is allowing me to indulge my sappy side finding sappy love songs to use for background music.

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