Grinding to A Halt…

So, yesterday’s post might have seemed a tad flip. Let me make one thing clear.

I am in complete support of the writers on this. Their demands are not absurd and extravagant, rather they are quite reasonable. Some have taken this as yet just another opportunity to mock Hollywood. Those people are not actually offering anything productive of course, aside from self righteous bias. Most Hollywood writers are not living the high life. In fact, many do not make more than a garbage man. Seriously, most are well under $100,000 a year.

So, this is not about greedy millionaires asking for even more cash. These are people trying to provide for their families, keep a roof over their heads and food in their bellies. Just like the rest of us. They got screwed at the advent ofhome video, being asked to take a smaller amount while the studios “perfected” the market. Here we are on the cusp of Hi Def video discs-and the studios have never corrected this. Which is easy to justify, really. Media is in a constant state of “perfecting” their market.

So the studios never have to give the writers their dues. Instead of .04 cents per DVD sold, the writers are asking for .08 cents. And with new media-such as internet downloads? They are requesting about 2.54% of the sale go to the writer. The studios are arguing the internet is only good for promotion, but then, what have they got to lose? If they are not making any money off of internet downloads? Welllll…lets do some math…what is 2.54 of $0.00?

Brian K. Vaughan has some commentary as well, touching also on his future status (as a writer of Lost as well as writer of Comics) and how this might all impact comics. If I was still in L.A., I’d pay a visit to the picket lines to show my support. In the meantime? I am giving my virtual thumbs up.

UPDATE: Turns out the WGA dropped the request for the increase of .04 cents. So, lets be clear here. In an effort to avoid a strike, they dropped a completely reasonable demand. And the AMPTP still refused to budge at all.

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  1. i hope this doesn’t last longer than dec. 5th… i have tickets to go see conan o’brien live…

    but anyway, why shouldn’t the writers get what they deserve, paywise? i mean, the hosts of the show are basically the mouthpieces for the stuff the writers come up with… they’re the backbone of the show… i say give ’em a pay raise…

  2. In L.A.? It’s rough. In L.A., $100,000 is the equivalent of $35,000 here in Minnesota.

    But seriously, most writers are not rolling in dough. Most of them probably do not make more than $30,000-60,000 in a year. Like I said, these are not folks living some spoiled high life.

  3. I feel bad for writers 😦 It’s the directos and producers and actors that everybody remembers and cares about sometimes ppl act like those ppl are responsible for ALL of the creative process that goes on 😦

  4. Sometimes the public forgets in the case of any popular group striking, whether it’s writers, actors, or even athletes, that there are some high-paid stars but there are many more of the average working schlubs.

    Also, off-topic: Ex Machina has only one year left? Bummer! I really love that book. In the words of Nelly Furtado, “why do all good things come to an end”?

  5. Evanier ( has a link to an article by Ken Levine about the pittance he gets for doing the Frasier DVDs.

  6. Yeah — the union isn’t there to protect the guys making millions. They’re in such demand they’d make millions regardless. It’s there to protect the people living job to job. The top writers are making much more than WGA scale.

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