So…If the Writers Are On Strike…

Who do they get to write their protest signs and editorials?

I am not really sure how I feel about this. As a creative person, I understand their concerns about being excluded after the fact. I get the desire to see some compensation from the sales of DVDs and other newer media. I do not think they are being unreasonable in requesting that. In fact, I would say I am in support of that and am frustrated that the two sides could not find an amicable deal before we reached the strike hour. It sucks for the writers who were just getting b, especially because the strike prohibits writing for things like animation, so more than a few possible fall-backs do not exist.

As a fan, I am less charitable, I confess. I don’t like the idea that we will likely see seasons come to a full halt, especially. As a person who tends to watch serialized shows like Lost and Heroes, to find that they are likely now going to come to halt after they have burned through the new episodes that are in the can. So, it sucks for viewers. It sucks for networks. It sucks for studios. Gee, it seems that it was really in everyones (not just the writers’) best interest to work this out. Well…when we start seeing the impact (re-runs, realtiy shows) this will let me get caught up on all those special features I have not gotten around to on my DVDs and HD DVDs.

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