Search Strings

So…these are the ways people have found this blog. Hey, everyone else does this…why can’t I? I am glad to know my target audience is finding me through these searches. *how do strippers get such enormous breasts I would guess magic. Possibly via leprechaun gold. Leprechauns like strippers. *female audience … Continue Reading Search Strings

By the Way…

New comics come out today (Thursday).  The Thanksgiving Holiday postponed release date by a day.  Same thing will happen at Christmas and New Years, kids…don’t forget that.


I take the side of “offendees.” Even if I don’t fully agree with what has offended them. I mean, I think there are times where people are offended by something and I feel their interpretation which led to being offended was wrong. However… In this case? I just could not … Continue Reading Normally?

Gee, Thanks Neil!

I used to like Diamond’s song Sweet Caroline.  Then I saw this news tid bit.   It was inspired by a girl who had not gone through puberty yet?  Thanks for making the song totally creepy, Neil.

Is It Working?

It’s interesting. Back when the news would point out all the terrible things going on Iraq, specifically the violence and insurgence, pro-war conservatives were quick to get upset. The media was just reporting the bad. What about all the good? And if one suggested that the administration had really blown … Continue Reading Is It Working?


I have seen some commentary that all the celebrities are undermining the seriousness of the strike. Specifically that it makes it look like it’s just fun and the writers get to be all giddy about what stars showed up. But you know…it actually is quite relevant to this strike.  These … Continue Reading Undermining?