The Hills Have Mimes (Rock TV)

So, the tactic was a little different this time. This was not a “message” video, it’s just made to be entertaining. So we decided to do a “Halloween” video. It’s been years since Rock TV touched horror movie themes. And really, this idea of a scripted horror parody is a first for the Rock TV team.

Some of my favorite moments?

Kevin channeling a desperate William Hurt towards the end.
"We don't got time for plot development!"
The "thousands of mimes".
Peter's story while Adam goes off to bed.
The ending.

I feel we captured the typical horror cliches. This is something I feel most "Parody Movies" such as the Scary Movie Franchise, Date Movie, Epic Movie, etc. all fail at. They spoof specific scenes from specific movies, even lifting dialog whole hog, while throwing in bodily fluid "jokes" and T&A as substitutes for actual...well... jokes. Yes. I am actually suggesting our seven minute movie is a better film parody than Scary Movie (1-4), Epic Movie and Date movie. But maybe not Full Moon High, starring Adam Arkin.

Our Mimes were great, and the human actors did a great job (Ted and Kevin really stood out for me). I also felt the crew did a great job. The lighting is effective and moody, making for some genuinely creepy shots. The Mimes have an unsettling look to them.

As an aside, I have two roles in this Rock TV. Any idea what they were?

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