I Am A Killer.

A killer of threads. For those who are not familiar with internet chatspeak, a thread is not a sewing reference. A thread is a series of comments that follow after a particular subject line on a message board. It also can refer to responses to a blog postings (where I kill the majority of threads).

I am not proud of this. And I do not mean to, I swear. But, like a child hugging a puppy to tightly, I attempt a witty reply or joke…or worse an “intellectual” (or smart sounding) response. And I then find myself staring at a lifeless thread that just stops dead with me. It’s my shame, but with the admission of such guilt, maybe i will find redemption.

(please ignore comment threads where people continued to respond after me, mainly because that hurts my entire thesis)

Posted in: Blogging, Humor

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