Then It MUST Be True…

Now, a lot of people are harping on Ann Coulter about that whole perfected Jew commentary she offered. I’d comment on it, but to tell the truth, the only thing that leads to is that she really was not peaching something that is all that different from what a lot of Christians believe. She talked about how she has been to all these Churches to speak…and I really, most of them likely agree with the basics of what she said. So to try and pick apart that whole bit? Just to messy.

What really stunned me was this exchange:

COULTER: No, it’s true. I give all of these speeches at megachurches across America, and the one thing that’s really striking about it is how utterly, completely diverse they are, and completely unself-consciously. You walk past a mixed-race couple in New York, and it’s like they have a chip on their shoulder. They’re just waiting for somebody to say something, as if anybody would. And –

DEUTSCH: I don’t agree with that. I don’t agree with that at all. Maybe you have the chip looking at them. I see a lot of interracial couples, and I don’t see any more or less chips there either way. That’s erroneous.

COULTER: No. In fact, there was an entire Seinfeld episode about Elaine and her boyfriend dating because they wanted to be a mixed-race couple, so you’re lying.

Wow. I mean, ten years ago Seinfeld did an episode about it. That’s a slam dunk! Now notice what her “point” is…Being Christian means being tolerant and the more Christian you are? The more tolerant you will be (Ann clearly needs to be more Christian…. waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more Christian). So, for some bizarre reason, her argument is that if you pass any interracial couple in New York it’s like they have a chip on their shoulder against the world and are waiting for someone to say something.

First…what the hell does that even mean? How does that prove Christians are more tolerant than people give them credit for? Donny justly states that in his experience he has not seen that. For the record, I have not witnessed this phenomenon out there either. I’ve met a lot of interracial couples, not seemed to have chips about it. I am not saying that there is no couple anywhere with a chip on their shoulder about it. There probably are. But not nearly enough to center your entire claim about the tolerance of Christians around it. But really, her defense is that Seinfeld did an episode about Elaine and a guy dating simply because they wanted to be an interracial couple (which is vastly different than “interracial couples in liberal places like New York have a chip on their shoulder)?! That’s the best she can offer? First, she obviously never got Seinfeld. Seinfeld was not about holding a mirror up to society. It was about taking “nothing” and seeing just how far you can take it into the absurd. They were not trying to say “Gee, interracial couples have a chip on their shoulder.” They were saying “Gee, Elaine is so shallow she considers ‘image’ even in who she dates.” The characters on Seinfeld were selfish and shallow. All of them. You were not supposed to admire them. Elaine is so concerned with projecting a “progressive image” she even will consider dating a person of another race. So, Ann should not really use Seinfeld as a defense, since she doesn’t “get” it.

What’s also interesting is how this “evidence” of Seinfeld proves Donny is willfully telling a lie. I’ve been told that because this may be Ann’s experience waking the streets of New York, so it is a valid opinion. Apparently, for both Ann and the people telling me this, her experience is valid-but Donny’s is he’s a liar. Besides, has it ever occurred to Ann (or her defenders*) that the people who appear to have a chip on their shoulders as they pass her by (and I am pretty sure it is not just the interracial couples) look that way because they are passing Ann Coulter on the street?

Personally, I think Donny’s response was wrong. He should have said:
Ann, there is no way being a devoted Christian makes you a more loving and tolerant person. I mean, didn’t you see Carrie?! Her mom was an evil freak! So for you to claim Christians are tolerant… you’re lying!

*It fascinates me that many of the people I know who defend Ann Coulter and like her will complain about Al Franken and Bill Mahaer-citing the as vile and disgusting human beings.

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  1. What’s this “perfected Jew” stuff? Got a link? I hadn’t heard anything.

    Anyway… Ann Coulter is a dick. I can’t think of any other way to put it. She’s a disgrace to the women who worked so hard to make it possible for her to rise this high, she’s a disgrace to responsible journalists everywhere… hell, she’s a disgrace to conservatives, if only they’d wake up and realize it. Her entire career is built around nothing more than making fun of and insulting people with different beliefs than hers. She’s a spoiled six-year-old girl spouting lies and bullshit just to get attention, and it disturbs me no end that it works.

    I mean, Jesus Christ, she thinks Senator Joseph McCarthy was a great American hero. And people take her seriously. *headdesk*

    (And Bill Maher… well, I think he’s almost as bad as she is, albeit for different reasons, but I won’t get into that.)

  2. Cuz stuff on Seinfeld is always representative of how regular ppl are XD

    Also that episode had NOTHING to do with interracial couples having a “chip” on their shoulders >_>;;

  3. I’m friends with an interracial couple and they have no chip on their shoulder whatsoever. In fact, they are quite friendly nice.

    Coultergeist is an idiot!

  4. Sorry Notintheface…there was an episode of Seinfeld all about Elaine wanting to be in an interracial relationship. That makes you a liar. NO SOUP FOR YOU! (sorry everyone…that just came out)

    Ami-btw…do you remember what season of Seinfeld that was? I have the first seven seasons…I wanted to check the episode out because my memory about it was so vague (although I am pretty sure the idea was not about having a chip).

  5. Will – Briefly, the notion of the perfected Jew is that that person FINALLY realizes that the Messiah they’re still waiting for actually came 2000 years ago.

    I’m part of of a mixed race couple, and I don’t have a chip on my shoulder, dammit!! 😉

  6. Thanks, Roger; I really meant to ask where Coulter said that, though.

    …What ethnicity was Elaine, anyway? I want to say Jewish, but I thought she talked about being Catholic at one point.


  7. No soup for me?

    Well, I don’t like soup, anyway!

    Da da da da da da
    Da da da da da da da
    Da da da da da da da
    Joke’s on you!

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