No Chicks…

Don’t we all think the women is over-reacting to this news? Everyone knows no one cares to see women who know their way around an action movie. Am I right? Am I right?

Okay…that’s all the sarcasm I can really pull off right now.  It’s funny that Warner Brother President of Production, Jeff Robinov seems to ignore that the failure of a lot of female action films has not been the “female” part. It’s been the script part. The directing part. Catwoman was an awful entry, and there was plenty of great stuff to draw from the current version of Catwoman, including a sleek and sexy costume, rather than the train wreck of a costume and story we got.

It’s about the writing, the directing, the acting. People don’t love the Die Hard films because John McClane is a boy. It could have been Jane McClane, and if it was well written, directed and has as charismatic lead(this may be another issue, the focus on youth and beauty for women in Hollywood means that there seem to be far fewer actresses with the inexplicable…likableness that actors such as Bruce Willis seem to have) as the Die Hard movies have been (overall). Action movies with male leads fail more than they succeed, look no further than the careers of Steven Seagal or Dolph Lundgren-both who started big but have faded into direct to video action film after direct to cable action film. Go to the action section of any video store and you will see hundred of title that you never heard about-all with male leads. It’s not about the gender of the lead in the action movie, Jeff. It’s about the overall quality of the product. Well done action films rarely fail to connect with the movie going public. If it’s well done? People want to see it and then they tell their friends how awesome it was. Die Hard, Aliens, the Lord of the Rings films, Terminator 2, the Bourne Identity, Kill Bill and so on? They succeed not because of the gender of the leads, but rather because they were smartly written, deftly directed, skillfully acted and generally just damn good movies(mileage may vary with the short list I threw out there).

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