Phony Soldiers

Good God, Limbaugh.  You said “phony soldierS“, not SOLDIER.  This is as big a slap in the face of the military as the Patraeus ad from  I am concerned that the Democrats in the senate will try another resolution, though.  We need to stop wasting valuable time in the senate and congress and so on with crap like this.

But, as a citizen?  I must say…screw you, Rush.  Maybe if you had fought for our country your words would have weight.  But you know…you ducked the opportunities in your youth. So now you just look foolish.

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  1. Dude, listen to the context of the statement. He immediately went on to talk about the situation with Jesse MacBeth, who was sentenced for falsely claiming to be an Army Ranger and veteran of the Iraq War. He made up stories about atrocities to help an anti-war effort.

    I’m not Rush’s biggest fan, but this is an embarrassing case of people not listening to what was said.

  2. Actually, I was listening. He said phony soldiers. And after claiming he only meant one soldier, he started naming other names, including real vets. This is just a case of Rush with his foot in his mouth and being unable to get it out.

  3. Damn chickenhawk wingnuts… I wish this guy would just go soak his fat head, or something. He and the other talking heads running our country’s media are a disgrace.

    Speaking of Rush, have you read this weeks ish of The Spirit? Absolutely brilliant satire.

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