There’s Nothing We Can Do…

About racism.  At least according to Bill O’Reilly (and to be fair, eliminating prejudice entirely is probably unlikely).  I heard him say that on hour 2 of the O’Reilly Factor Radio show.  This was actually a lead up to his statements that blacks, surprisingly, run a restaurant exactly like us white people.

Yeah, I can see where Bill thinks he was paying a compliment.  But he states that HE could not get over this fact.  It was not like he was complaining about other white people’s prejudice.  He specifically addressed how amazed he was.  He tries to show how he is not prejudiced explaining how he used to try and help his grandma get over her dislike of black people.  And he goes the extra mile to praise Motown, Denzel Washington and Willie Mays.  He criticizes white companies for focusing heavily on negative black stereotypes as a way to make money.  He still expressed amazement that black people are running a restaurant like whitey does.  And newsflash, black men and women do not sit in restaurants cursing and screaming for their food with any more regularity than any other groups of human beings.  (I say “any more regularity” because I have seen people of all races behave poorly in restaurants)  Thank GOD O’Reilly was there to point that out.  And he still seemed a little shocked.  Although the funniest admission to me is that O’Reilly claims to have been a Will Smith fan all the way back to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

It is interesting that Al Sharpton is being so careful on this one…I mean, he got Imus ousted pretty fast (though, I supposed, O’Reilly did not us racially derogatory language like ‘hos’).

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  1. I don’t think Bill meant any real offense, he just needs to choose his words a bit better.

    Black culture is being represented by BLACK PEOPLE in film, music and on TV, and often even just visiting my Mother in Law on Chicago’s south side, I see quite a few people playing and projecting that role of loud / ignorant “keeping it real”.
    I have seen a certain minority of our group who equates “keeping it real” with being loud, obnoxious, rude and stupid. Often times, being that when they are around Whites down town in Chicago or in the burbs. I can see how, what Bill was positing, could be how some Whites with limited contact with Blacks may view us, that is why we should attack these negative images and replace them with more positive images that reflect the majority of our group.
    I’m just saying…

  2. This would have been an easy fix for O’Reilly, because most of his comments were….well, positive. It was a few specific comments. Really, he could have tied is so easily and fixed it to.

    “I like to think I am above it, but look, even I have blinders to biases I would want to believe I do not have. The only way to overcome prejudices are to face that and deal with it, only then are people able to grow up and beyond the sicknesses of racism.” Or something like that. But no, he threatens to do damage to the guys who smear him instead. Way to go.

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