The Ones That Want To Hurt You Work Within The Law…

And what is it with police tasering people lately? It seems like police are taser happy. Hey, you shoot someone full of electricity, they might start to move spaztically. MSNBC was showing footage of a group of cops using a tazer on a young woman as she scrambled on the ground. And when you do a google search, you find lots of footage of highly questionable taserings.

I realize police work is dangerous and risky. But you know, that means a cop has to take the risk and not pull out the taser gun quickly. It is excessive force. And it seems to be used repeatedly in situations not requiring excessive force.

Like I said…it’s a risky job. The common argument is that you do not know what the person is going to do. But the fact is, if you take the assumption that every move is to resist violently or go for a gun, you end up tasering a person who was not going to be guilty of either and who had no weapon. Someone a group of cops could take down. You might even end up shooting a weaponless person. And you know what? Those moments where the cops were wrong and tasered or shot someone who did not need excessive force are not “worth” the risk. Excessive force must be the last resort. And lately, it does not seem to be the case at all. Heck, in more than one case while watching the video, the police appeared to be getting enjoyment out of it. They seemed to be using their taser for the entertainment of watching a person twitch and getting a laugh.

So, yeah, it’s a dangerous job. If you don’t want to take the risk? Don’t be a damned law enforcement official! Work in a call center or something.

I realize there are good, hard working cops, and I respect the risk and sacrifice those men and women take each day.  But I also firmly believe those good officers are not quick to use excessive force.

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  1. My son, in beaufort SC just got tasered while handcuffed, not resisting arrest – 3 times – his neck looks like a really bad burn – simply because he looked at the cop the wrong way – It is a long story – but is there anyone out there that has fought back against this dangerous unneccessary force on humans? I am sure if this was done to an animal we’d really hear more about it. Frustrated for sure.

  2. I agree.

    To allow it for too many types of situations could lead to abuse of power, where police justify tasering ppl for no reason by saying that they felt threatened or something. :\

    And if they feel it’s non-lethal, they may do it just b/c they want to be mean, or they dun like the person. :\ Police are human too and it’s important not to make them out to be flawless supermen who can wield every power given to them justly and rightly in all situations without emotion or nething. 😦

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