More Jena 6: It’s Just a Little Fun!!!

“I swear officer, can’t people take a little joke?!”


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  1. How utterly vile. I’d hoped we were over this in the ’60s.

    If anything good has come of this mockery of a proceeding, it is that the evil that has been allowed to fester south of Dixie, hidden under delusions of “cultshah and hairitidge” and the myth of “befo’ the Wah,” has finally been dragged kicking and screaming to light. We should have set them straight immediately after Gettysburg and banned all relics of their traitor state, but no, we let them keep their flag and their backwards, barbaric ways.

    It does me good to know that so many people in America, North and South, left and right alike, are taking action and letting the authorities know how much of an outrage this really is. But the reprobates who hung those nooses, both on the tree and the truck, deserve nothing but derision. They don’t deserve to call themselves American.

  2. This reminds me. O_O

    Over on RMM‘s blog, he’s decided to shift his focus from attacking women to attacking African Americans >_>;; Including saying that the Jena 6 case is a case about racism, but NOT racism against blacks but racism against WHITES. :O

  3. RMM is a sick cretin who wouldn’t know reality if it drop-kicked him.

    Says he: “If you are a Black American you should thank God for slavery every day. Im not being facetious here either. I mean it litterally.”

    Somebody punch this guy in the face. PLEASE.

  4. Wow. It’s funny that he would ask what would happen in Jena if white students were accused of the same crime. Apparently, he is not paying close attention here. Because the cold hard truth is, we know the answer. In Jena, a white student severely beating a black kid gets a slap on the wrist. That’s what has people so pissed off! White students guilty of the same crime are not being faced with attempted murder charges and life in prison…only the black students are. It’s the inequality of it all that is being protested. I am unaware of anyone saying that the Jena 6 should not face a penalty for their act…just that the penalty should not be harsher than it was for the white students.

  5. Heh… yeah, I guess my two identities have gotten a little blurred. I identify just as strongly as one as I do the other. Mebbe this is how Batman feels. 😛

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