Apparently, The Industry Needs Fans…

I think people are missing the point.  The statement that really intrigued me was the one that noted that TV, movies, music and so on do not demand that the people who purchase their products shill for them.  Of course they do not demand it.  They don’t have to.  People already tell everyone about the awesome new movie/band/TV show they saw/heard last Saturday night.  People tell friends and co-workers about it.  Oh, and what happens with television shows or movies doing low ratings/ticket sales but having a small band of fans?  Well, often the stars, the directors and others involved star…well, begging the fans to tell their friends about it, write the network, studio and newspapers to let them know you love the show/movie.  So, apparently, we fans are asked to shill for our favorite shows/movies/music afterall.  So why the derision of Jimmie Robinson for asking the same of comic fans?

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  1. I think it’s because he’s saying fans have an obligation to the medium, when it’s really the other way around. I’m not going to buy comics I’m not into “for the good of the industry,” and if DC doesn’t put out titles that I don’t think my friends and family will like (and they don’t, aside from Vertigo and the odd creator-owned Wildstorm mini), I’m not going to share them.

  2. I agree with Filby. :\ I think ppl feel offended that somehow the blame for the industry not doing so well is put on the fans and it’s OUR fault b/c we’re just not trying hard enuf to support it. >_>

    But like other mediums, ppl DO talk about their favourite comics. *I* do. I blog about it. I tell my friends about it. XD Just like I’d talk about a favourite tv show or movie or nething else :3

    It’s just there’s not a whole lot of good comics out there and there’s still a bit of a stigma about it.

    What’s more important tho is that we also talk a lot about the BAD stuff in comics. XD And that may turn ppl off, but if it’s our responsiblity to spread the word, then clearly you have to take the good with the bad, and it’s also our responsibility to complain about the horrible trends in comics.

    So I guess it’s all our fault. XD Stupid fans. We suck ;-;

  3. I think it’s the word “demand.” Robinson can demand all he wants, but with that attitude he’s lucky if he gets $2.99 from me. (And frankly, with Bomb Queen, he doesn’t even get that.)

    If I go the extra mile and recommend or hype a book, it’s because I want to, not because it’s demanded of me.

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