You Know…That General Petraeus Ad?

Yeah, it was dumb. Yeah…it was uncreative, but that is hardly new for The fact is, creativity has never been their strong point.

Was it disgusting and an insult to the military? Nope. That’s way beyond overstatement and moves in whining Mr. President. In fact, the ad was not worth a Presidential address to the press and it was most definitely not worth a Senate vote.

I must channel Red Forman here. Mr. President, Senate? You are a bunch of dumbasses.


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  1. On the subject of the ad… well, I tried reading the linked Fox News article, but I saw that “get a free Ann Coulter column in your email weekly” ad and, well, I was eating so I dare not go on…

    Anyway, after poking around YouTube a few minutes and viewed a Keith Olberman segment on it, and while I really don’t like Olby — he’s awfully sanctimonious, a liberal Bill O’Reilly even — he hit the nail on the head: The government has no right to tell people not to criticize public figures, nor should the government ever involve itself officially in military affairs.

    Unfortunately, with the Republicans, this is par for the &!*@ing course at this point.

  2. Yeah, and unfortunately, it’s also become par for the &!*@ing course for Democrats to cave in like a cheap card table to all the Republican whining. Exactly how many times do they have to get pwned by this trick before they wise up?

    I just e-mailed my senator, Richard Durbin, complaining about this very issue because, although Durbin correctly voted against the measure, he is the #2 leader in the Senate and that bill, IMHO, had no business making it to the Senate floor. Also, he as an individual has been burned by this in the past (remember his stance on the Abu Ghraib scandal). Hopefully he can exert more pull on stuff like this in the future, even in an advisory capacity.

  3. By the way, didn’t Petraeus do what MoveOn predicted he would do regarding his report: regurgitate the Bush party line?

    Also, it’s not like we haven’t been betrayed before by a high-profile general in regard to Iraq, is it? Does the name “Colin Powell” ring a bell?

  4. Filby – I just got on Ann Coulter’s mailing list. You should sign up. Really. Good to know what the other side thinks.

    *As to the MoveOn vote, I think there are an awful lot of liberal Democrats who are now thinking, “No way I’m voting for those sellouts, who don’t believe in the Constitution.” I’m telling you, the Republicans can win the Presidency in 2008 because the Dems lack spine. I haven’t been as annoyed with an unnecessary Congressional vote since Terry Schiavo.

  5. Nah, I don’t think Coulter is really representative of mainstream conservatives; she only ever talks about how liberal atheist communist traitors are ruining America, using over-the-top rhetoric like a six-year-old girl starved for attention and never actually tackling any real issues (with the occasional Grateful Dead ref). When I want to know what the right’s thinking, I read William F. Buckley’s column in my local paper. I can’t agree with a word the man says, but at least he says it with a modicum of class.

    I’ve lost a great deal of faith in the Democrats, myself. I used to like to believe that “my” side actually stood for something, but it eventually dawned on me that the Dems are just like the Reps: A private little club that exists only to get its members into office and keep them there. I’m starting to wonder who’s worse: The Republicans for pulling all this BS, or the Democrats for allowing it.

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