Wow…Barry Manilow Is A Coward…

5 thoughts on “Wow…Barry Manilow Is A Coward… Leave a comment

  1. The idea that you would ask a show to take one of their regulars off the interview panel, merely because you disagree with their politics is just…it’s far to arrogant and demanding to be respected. I am incredibly weary of the sense of entitlement people have, and while it’s bad in general here in the west, it seems to be a real part of celebrity.

    Plus, it is not like the View host in question is known for being hard on guests…no harder than any others…and so it seems ridiculous (and wimpy) on Manilow’s part.

  2. He really earns the nickname “Barely Man Enough” with this move. What a wuss! Plus he’s starting to look like Odo from “Deep Space Nine”.

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