Jena Six: Some Good News…

This is a start.

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  1. One of my sisters sent this to me; I used info you had posted to clarify the issue.

    Michael Baisden (105.9 FM) is asking all to attend the sentencing of the
    Jena 6, Louisiana young black boys on September 20, 2007. These young men
    can go to prison for life behind a high school fight against white
    students. If you are unable to show up and send a message about racism,
    then Michael Baisden is asking all to wear Black that day for UNITY and
    send a silent or loud PRAYER to those young men who are fighting racism on
    behalf of us all.

    Spread the word: Wear BLACK on SEPTEMBER 20 and PRAY for the JENA 6!!

    For more information, go to

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