Phony Soldiers

Good God, Limbaugh.  You said “phony soldierS“, not SOLDIER.  This is as big a slap in the face of the military as the Patraeus ad from  I am concerned that the Democrats in the senate will try another resolution, though.  We need to stop wasting valuable time in the … Continue Reading Phony Soldiers


I finally was able to get my scanner working after three months and then we had a power outtage this afternoon (which is bizarre, because at no point during any of the severe storms in the last two months did we lose any power).  Apparently that was to much for … Continue Reading Arrrg!!!!

Hey Hollywood…

I am totally available for this gig.  As long as my Sober Buddy is not Danny Boneduce.  I don’t want to get beat up for saying, “Gee, maybe we should not go into that bar at two in the afternoon and get hammered, Danny.”