Comics and Advice…

Karen Healy explains in detail each of the arguments from Anti-Comics-Feminist Bingo Card and why they fall apart.

Maxim makes us proud. I mean, who would have expected this thoughtful, introspctive look at the impact of female comic book heroes on pop culture, and how they helping change sexist attitudes-oh wait…uh…nevermind. Thanks Maxim.

Jessica Alba wants to be known for more than simply being HOT. My recommendation? Don’t do photo shoots in a little swimsuit that is all about looking hot. On top of that? Start taking roles in films that do not rely on your being in spandex or bikinis for the majority of the film. Acting lessons, you are able to work within the demands of the films you have been in, but I am not confident you have the chops of say…Cate Blanchett or Judi Dench.  If you want a career past, say, 36? Follow this advice.

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  1. *sighs*

    If Jessica Alba wasn’t do photo shoots and interviews with Wizard and stuff, I would sympathize with her. :\ Sometimes it’s hard for attractive women to be taken srsly 😦

    But in her case, this isn’t a great actress who just can’t buy a role b/c she’s so gosh-darned pretty. 😦

    Also.. Maxim… >.>;;

    Whatever 😦

    Putting Wonder Woman #1 for hottest is not a compliment :\ Not from Maxim XD

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