The Entire Comic Blog-O-Sphere Is A-buzz…

With talk of this cover.  And, it is understandable.  On the other hand, it’s Powergirl.  Which is frustrating, as I think the character has the potential to be one of DC’s great unsung characters.  In the hands of the right person, she could become a top tier hero.  But instead, we get lots of shots of giant boobs.  DC gives us more of the same.

Honestly, I have nothing to really add here.  What “needs” to be said has been said.  Bad art(though, for Turner?  It’s an improvement over his Supergirl art), bad anatomy, etc.  See here, here, here, here are a few examples.  But really, more than one person has noticed the “boob shelf” look of the picture. And come on ladies and gents, wouldn’t that be more convenient than real breasts?  Imagine how much easier shopping would be…run out of space in the cart?  stack a couple smaller items on “the shelf”!  Seriously…we needed Mike Turner to point this out, didn’t we?

Addendum:  Cheryl Lynn has my favorite response

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