I Don’t Do Anything…

I got involved in an online debate on “swearing”. Or was it an argument. Well, it was online, so it probably was an argument. Swearing is a fascinating debate among Christians. Because it always ends with those opposed to swearing saying the exact same the same thing. The *exact* same thing. Not one word difference. It’s like they are clones.

“How will people know you are a Christian if you say the f-word??”

It’s an interesting defense. It’s based in “being seperate”. In the idea that we have to be obviously set apart. Great. They have verses to back them up. So much for all things to all men.

But what really gets me with that question that is always asked? It’s the wrong question. It’s typical of the conservative Church in America. I mean, I think that most people might actually still believe someone is a Christian if they use profanity. The only people I have *ever* met in 31 years who automatically question the validity of a person’s faith are Christians. I’ve never heard an atheist say,”I thought he was a Christian-til I heard him say fuck!” I suppose it has happened…but is pretty uncommon.

But this is not a defense of swearing-for Christians or anyone else. No, it’s a frustration with the eternally stupid question asked over and over again.

“How will they know you are a Christian if you swear?”

And I realize that most American Christians define what sets them apart by what they *DON’T* do. Don’t swear. Drink. Smoke. Have sex. And plenty of other things we don’t do. We call it being set apart. And you know what? If those are the primary things that set you apart? You are a shitty Christian. Period. It doesn’t require God to avoid any of those things. Not a single one. In fact, you can find plenty of people who don’t believe in Jesus, or any god what so ever…who choose on their own to not do those things. So, it doesn’t set you apart from anyone(not to mention, lots of religions uphold the same virtues and morality codes-Christianity isn’t special or different for that…heck, it’s not even kinda unique) in the general sense. It may set you apart from the citizens of Hollywood…but so what? You want a medal? What’s funny about it is, Christians slam people who are not Christians for saying,”I’m not a bad person…it’s not like I have killed anybody!” It’s the SAME mentality people. It’s a “worldly argument”.

Here’s the question I am going to ask for now and forever when a Christian tries that stupid defense.

They’ll say(cuz they always do): “How will they know you are a Christian if you swear?”

And I want to know…what do you *DO* that sets you apart? Cuz not swearing will never set a person apart enough to make a difference. Not like loving your enemy. And in America, we Christians are a bloodthirsty lot who rarely show love for our enemies. When what we *DO* is setting us apart? I’ll start focusing on what not to do…until then? Lets shape up and DO something…not just avoid the bad words.

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  1. Matthew 7:20-21:

    “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.”

    So of course Thom, I agree with Jesus and it seems Jesus agrees with you. Jesus said “He that does the will of my Father”. DOING. So a person should know you are a Christian by what you DO.

    Playing devil’s advocate though (no pun intended), I can understand where some of or brethren (and sisteren) are coming from, because a lot of times people who are not Christians judge our commitment to Christ by what they here come out of our mouths (rather that is a far judgement or not). I can’t begin to start to count the times that some non Christian has said they “weren’t a Christian” because of Christians like me who occasionally drop an F-bomb or when they hear me listening to an old Dr. Dre track busting out on me: “I though you was saved? SEE, that’s why I ain’t a Christian, ya’ll to hypocritical”, yada, yada.

    Just something we have to be aware of.

    Wisdom by Zehuti 🙂

  2. Very good post 🙂

    I dun like swearing myself and I try not to, but that’s not cuz I’m Christian (even tho I am!) but b/c I just dun like swearing XD

    Except during smex… but that’s a different story >.>;;


    I knew many Christian friends (they weren’t rly my friends in hindsight I guess, but they tolerated me) in HS, and they were of the “Christianity = no smex, no swearing” types… tho they had no problems with violence or making fun of ppl until they cried, or being mean to ppl in general XD

    The funny part is that they would always go all high and mighty on ppl for swearing and stuff… and then they always wondered why my friends didn’t want to go to their Christian Club or thought badly of Christianity. :\

    B/c they talked about themselves as ideal Christians all the time, they were making everybody else who knew them go “THAT’S a Christian!?” :\ They were some of the meannest ppl I knew 😦

    It should be about WHO you are, not WHAT you are. It’s not about WHAT you dress in, or WHAT swear words you do or dun use, or WHAT activities you do for pleasure. 😐

    And honestly… this is like… stuff teachers tell you in grade school… who cares what other ppl think? XD

    Why all this focus on trying to be DIFFERENT? Why not just be good, and help ppl, and be… Christian (whatever that means to ppl I guess xD) and stop worrying if you’re “set apart enuf” from the person next door. :\

  3. Hey, I totally agree with you on this one. Although myself, as a high school teacher think that swearing is just plain lazy language, and I do use or tolerate that language, I mean, there are thousands of better words out there.

    As far as Christians go, I totally see how they (we) can be the most judgemental ones, as set ourselves these standards, and rather use these standards as something to aim for, we use them as something to exclude people with.

    And I have noticed that American Christians can be a pretty strange and sometimes fundamentalist group. (I’m from Australia)

    Anyways, keep up the good work, I’m adding your blog to my regular reading.

  4. Thanks! I do agree that swearing tends to be incredibly lazy overall. And yeah, American Christianity can sometimes be a creature all it’s own. 🙂

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