Christ Family Plot Unearthed

What do you want to bet that after the special airs there will be a slew of people who think this is indisputable fact!!!!! Mind you, this is a mildly interesting discovery. But just because they think they found it, does not mean they have. Afterall, fraudulent claims regarding Jesus (on all sides of the ideological spectrum) are nothing new. Neither are “exciting new discoveries that will change what Christians believe FOREVER!!!!” Seriously, those types of claims come more often than Marvel or DC’s claims about their crossovers.

I am curious about the supposed DNA proof. Do we have a smaple of Jesus’ DNA I was previously unaware of? Did I miss the part in science where my DNA is actually stamped with my name? All the DNA testing will tell us is if they were from the same family or not.

While Cameron is confident (and why should we doubt this when the director of the Oscar Winning Titanic does not) in this find, plenty of scholars are not. Sure, there are the Christian scholars who oppose this discovery on theological grounds, but they are not alone in people thinking this is an unsupported claim. They note subtle things like the common names on the Ossuaries. One of the sceptics is the guy who oversaw the dig when it was first discovered (Amos Kloner).

Why do I think people will believe this is cold hard fact-against any evidence to the contrary? Because there are people who believe that hack Dan Brown…in spite of the myriad of outright false “facts” in his books.

Peter David made note of one of the funnier religious reactions on his blog.

Other info can be found here and here.

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  1. A commentator, I dont recall their name, said in a tv interview, “Can you do a DNA test on God?? LOL

    Im not a Christian, but if Jesus rose from the dead and then ascended to heaven, how could he have left a body??

    And Im sure Jesus was a very popular name back then; hell it still is!lol


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