I am Officially the Last Person to Comment On…

This. Well, maybe Dick Cheney has not expressed an opinion yet. Or the Dixie Chicks.

Wow. I have found that while they can cross over, the audience that loves anime and manga are not automatically the same crowd that likes American comics. Manga is often treated as a seperate creature from “comic books.” And I must say, in one fell swoop, DC manages to suggest the comic audience and the anime/manga audience are just horny teens who cannot get dates.

Seriously, out of all of those? Only one is not completely creepy. That would be the Batgirl figure, that borders on pretty cool-but the breasts kind of keep it from crossing the line into “totally cool.”

It’s already been asked as to why Powergirl has oven mits on (She’s a powerhouse in the kitchen, boys!).  And this figurine actually makes Powergirl’s breasts seem reasonable in the regular comics.  And yeah, all those complaints about Supergirls tiny skirt? Not made better by this model which features an even shorter skirt and top.

Thanks a lot DC.

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  1. Yeah, like I’ve said, if it weren’t for the total exploitation thing, the Supergirl and, particularly, the Batgirl outfits are kind of cool. Like, I really like the gold bordering and the style of the skirt for Supergirl…but, it’s SOOOOOO damn short. The Power Girl figure is just ugly in every single way.

  2. These are kind of irritating figures – on the one had they’re kind of cool looking. Lots of detail, modern with a popular manga/anime feel. But on the other hand, they look like young girls who are half naked. It’s a shame they had to sex them up this much – I think just a step down from what they did would have been much more acceptable and would still have sold like gangbusters to both males and females.

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