Is It Any (Girl) Wonder?

Okay…the title doesn’t mean anything other than I was trying to come up with a clever way to work “Girl Wonder” into the Subject line.  I have been thinking about commenting on sites on my link list.  Just as kind of Random thing.  Maybe explain why they are there.  I decided to start with Girl-Wonder.

 I was first introduced to Girl-Wonder through Karen Healy’s Girls Read Comics column.  And my initial reaction was not kind.  It felt to angry to me at first.  Yeah, it had “And they Are Pissed” in the title…who would have thought that was serious?!  And part of it is, when you have things like a “Male Privelage” list can intially make you feel defensive.  But then I started to really read the column a few months later.  And a lot of Karen’s points made sense.  Not to mention the sarcasm.  Loved the sarcasm.  I started to dip my feet into the pool of their message board.

I’ve stuck around, ever since, making almost daily visits, because I have found the people there to be overwhelmingly friendly and respectful.  Even the people who I might not totally agree with.  Unlike other message boards, I never get a sense of “here we go again”.  It’s a nice feeling to not post something and wonder if you are going to return to find someone totally trashing you.  It’s an all around good place and it keeps me thinking about culture, social concerns and how I view my fellow human beings.  To the folks at Girl-Wonder, I say, “You are a credit to your race.” (Sorry, I just watched Woody Allen’s Scoop last night before Lost)

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  1. Again, Thom, I have to give you credit for being able to put aside the privileges you have to listen to other viewpoints. I love the way it’s shaped your blog.

    And, just because, as I say, we ALL have our isms, I was somewhat the same way. While I always love listening to other viewpoints, it wasn’t until things like When Fangirls Attack and Girl-Wonder and all these fabulous fangirl sites started taking off that I realized how many women DO read comics! I’m so glad to have had my eyes opened!

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