The Gay Agenda…

As a churchgoer, I have heard about this a lot. Not so much in the pulpit, but I have just heard about it from aquaintences who are very worried about it. And of course, there are the right wing Christian Activists and preachers who appear on evening cable news.

Basically, what the Gay Agenda consists of, as far as I can tell from folks like Dr.(cough) Ted Baehr is a covert group of gays have infiltrated the entertainment industry. Their nefarious plot? To turn America GAY by showing upbeat and positive portrayals of gay characters in television, comics and movies. Now I admit, I can understand the concern, since I like being heterosexual. Really I do.

Admittedly, the Gay Conspiracy has been less successful in comics than in the movie and television arena, so the gay-ification of geek culture has been a bit slower. Of course, they are fighting years of large breasted indoctination.

What really get’s me, though, is apparently, God has been in on the Gay Agenda. For some reason, he has placed many friendly, good hearted and positive gay people throughout various points in my life. I mean, come on, God, where are the gays who are villains? Or just comic relief?! Enough with these positive portrayals, Lord!

But seriously, I have always found the view of the “pro-gay agenda” a bit faulty. Because, the agenda, as near as I can tell is: The gay community want to be represented as people in entertainment. Not the comic relief. Not the creepy villain. Not as invisible. And I don’t see the problem there. As a Christian, I feel the same. I don’t like that a Christian is more likely to be used to sell that a person is an unloving bigot. And it is often the short-hand “This guy is bad!” Is such an agenda, to avoid such stereotype such a bad agenda?

And I prefer that storytellers, generally, leave social moral judgement to the reader. At least in certain areas of social morality. I am not asking writers to present murders, rapists and child molesters in a unjudged light. But adult consensual behaviour? Leave that to the reader to determine. If the reader disagrees with it, that is their perogative. I can’t see the problem with including portrayals of gay characters in film, television or comics as regular human beings-with strengths and weaknesses.

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  1. I don’t see a problem with it either. 😉

    Actually, I don’t even mind gay characters who are creepy villains, as long as it’s balanced. Is there another gay character who isn’t a creepy villain? If somebody sees too much of one thing in the media, they project it on the community. But, the gay community comes in a variety of genders, races, religions, ethnic backgrounds, classes, attitudes, behaviors and values. I don’t mind the wildly flamboyant gay representation if we see one that balances that representation. Because, the flip side is that people add gay representations and, out of fear of offending, have no personalities what so ever. That, to me, is just as bad as a bad representation.

  2. I definitely agree. I may not have made that clear. I think the creepy villain thing is fine as well, afterall, my favorite Bond villains are Mr. Kidd and Mr. Wint. 🙂

    I think the balance is the key, and is a rule that applies to all minority representations as well. But it seems like the “Gay Agenda” draws an ire that the others do not. Granted, that is because the opposition to the gay community is seen primarily as a moral issue on the side of the Church.

  3. Being gay rly has nothing to do with the character XD I just think that characters should be attracted to like… other characters they have chemistry with 😮 Some can be straight, some gay, some bi (bi seems to be this thing that ppl are worried about doing lest their chars look like sluts >.>;;)

    As for the gay agenda… I found it. It’s not rly that interesting.. the binding is a little shoddy and there’s not a lot of room to write stuff under the calender dates… >.>;;

  4. Gay creepy villians. Like John Malkovich’s characters? (I don’t know if JM is gay, but…) anyway, I always thought that might offend gay people.

    As for the “gay” conspiracy, the right wing evangelicals are really giving Christians a bad name, if they keep this up I may convert to Isalm…o.k. maybe not such a good idea there…maybe Buddism? (That way I can become a Shaolin and kick alot of butts!!!)

  5. “I am not asking writers to present murders, rapists and child molesters in a unjudged light. But adult consensual behaviour? Leave that to the reader to determine.”

    You hit the nail on the head here Thom. The main problem in the church overall with this whole issue of “homosexuality” is that the church is trying to impose its moral and ethical standard on people who have not chosen the church’s standard. Accepting the Gospel is a choice, and for those who have made that choice, the moral and ethical standards as expressed by scripture are their benchmark, those who have not, have their own standards which should be respected at the least even if the church does not agree with that standard.

    Jesus did not run around busting into non Christian bedrooms demanding they stop what they were doing, which is what the right wing of church is doing in a manner of speaking.

  6. Adam – the only problem w/converting to Buddhism so you can be a Shaolin kickass monk is you’ll have regress yourself to the age of four or five so you can take the decade or so of training to learn to be kickass! Yeah, that part of being a kickass Shaolin monk really sucks – which is why I practice the deadly art of Web-Fu, which merely requires I sit on my ass in front of my PC for hours on end each day, drinking coffee and typing snarky responses to somebody else’s blog postings! 😉

    As for Thom’s comments about “The Gay Agenda”, all I can add to that is Amen, Brother!

    Tim Liebe
    Dreaded Spouse-Creature of Tamora Pierce , etc., etc.

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