Oh Merciful Lord In Heaven…

This is the scariest news I have seen in a long time.

Do NOT read this if you have a weak heart.

This may very likely scar you for life.

How can the Beat so cruely repeat such a horror to us?!

Do you dare check this out?

5 thoughts on “Oh Merciful Lord In Heaven… Leave a comment

  1. AAAAGGHHHHHH!!!!!! Where’s my high-powered rifle? This CANNOT be allowed to happen….

    Tim Liebe
    Joel Schulmacher down…Nick Cage and Mark Steven Johnson to go….

  2. Hmm – in case someone without a sense of humor or too heavily invested in what we in the US laughably call “Homeland Security” is reading this: No, I am NOT seriously proposing the assassination of either Joel Schulmacher, Nicholas Cage or DAREDEVIL/ELECTRA/GHOST RIDER writer/director Mark Steven Johnson.

    I am simply using reducio ad absurdum to point out how I feel all three of these gentlemen have, in their own ways, visited terrible wrongs on the filmic representations of comic books I enjoy.

    Tim Liebe
    Think that’s enough of a disclaimer to keep my ass out of Gonzalez’s Torture Camps…?

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