Word Up…

I just really wanted to point to this excellent entry on DJ Black Adam’s blog.  He addresses the power of the words we use.  Now, he is specificly addressing how the black community uses these words, but the fact is, he challenged me on on word usage I never even thought of.

Dog.  See, while I was never comfortable with people adopting the “N” word as a term of endearment, I felt like it was not my place to say it’s good or bad as a white man if two black friends wanted to call each other that.  Same with “bitch”.  I am alarmed that I have seem many a girl use it to describe a friend nowadays, but as a man, I felt like it was simply my duty to avoid using the word as much as possible.

But I never thought about “dog”.  I hear it from rappers.  I hear Randy say it on the off chance I catch American Idol (a very off chance).   But seriously, read it.  DJ Black Adam’s reasoning  is very compelling.

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