Ask of Me…

My friend Adam asked this on his blog:

If you could ask God one question what would it be?

Honestly?  My question has been plaguing me since Christmas.

Hosea 2:2-23 (for the sake of space…I removed all of it. Click the link to read it)

Most of the time, I can see a certain logic to certain things, such as God sending people to hell for rejecting God.  I may not be comfortable with it, but I can see the logic in it and also see how it doesn’t automatically contradict the idea that God can be fair, just or loving.  But this verse?  How can I read that as anything butsadistic?  It’s the systematic humiliation and breaking down of someone until they “see that they need you”.  How is that “loving”?  Seriously, if any of my married friends described treating their wives in such a way (and yes, I realize that the wife thing is a metaphor for God’s people) I would not only be angry and horrified, I would think they needed jail time.  Ironically, the more I look at those verses, I don’t believe this is the set that gave me pause, but I am struggling to locate the one that was similar, but also states that God would tear at the flesh of Israel and bring “her” down until “she” saw her need and dependence on God.  And then God would lovingly tend to the wounds and they would live happily ever after, God and his Bride (okay, I am going off memory).  And I can’t find a way to see that as anything but vicious and cruel.  I am trying to see it another way, but it all seems like excuses.

ADD:I think I am changing my Question.  God…will you get me an X-Box 360 for my Birthday?  And a copy of Marvel Ultimate Alliance to go with it?

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