Top ___ Lists

Or, where once again I rip off Ami’s blog!

Specifically, she has mentioned a couple times this really obnoxious Bravo special (well, series of specials).  The Superhero and villain lists were bad.  The vixen list was the worst.  See, we did not see one woman in the Superhero list.  It was all men.  Wonder Woman went on the Vixens list.  Along with Bond Girls (And that is beyond insulting, as Domino stands head and shoulders above Christmas Jones) and Felicity Shagwell from Austen Powers.

So, I have decided to try and counter Bravo’s pathetic lists.  But I want to make it a fan effort.  I would like to compile three lists.  Ultimate Superheroes (Male), Ultimate Superheroes (Female) and Ultimate villains.  I broke down the Superhero list to genders for the simple reason as to give heroes of both genders a fair share of the pie.  I didn’t want the list to consist of, say 16 male heroes and four female ones. 

The reason I don’t just compile my own list is simple.  Mine would look like:

1.Plastic Man
3.Blue Beetle
4.Booster Gold

So what I am asking is this.  E-mail me at with your choices and why for each category.  Who are your favorite Supervillains?  Why?  What makes you love Superman, Spider-Man or Wonder Woman so much?  Feel free to include several choices, in fact I recommend it.

Oh heck, lets add a fourth list!  Ultimate Teams and Team Ups!  That would be either regular teams, such as the JLA or Runaways or team ups, such as Blue Beetle and Booster Gold or Power Man and Iron Fist.  Lets do it, people.

5 thoughts on “Top ___ Lists Leave a comment

  1. Should we just be purely selfish in our lists, like for who WE personally just completely adore? Or should we be trying to see the bigger picture and judge impact, influence, etc… ? 😮

  2. Good question. I think a bit of both. It’s hard to ignore certain characters contributions to the world of Superheroes. But feel free to include a personal favorite or two. 🙂

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