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So, I showed a friend, lets call him Frank, this rant from Ami’s blog. After he finished reading it, he launched into a tirade about the lack of cool girls into gaming and comic books. I tried to explain that he missed the point…but after six attempts, I gave up. Which turned out to be almost as big a mistake as letting him see the number of hits my blog got over the weeked.

See, he got it in his head that I could help him find a girlfriend who would really appreciate his “Geekness”. I really tried to avoid this, since that is hardly why I started blogging (Which was originally started years ago to meet Super Models. Who knew they don’t read blogs?). But he pushed. And pushed. And pushed. And pushed. And pushed. And pushed. And pushed. So I relented. Yeah, I lack resolve, people. Please do not ask for money. So, he sent me an e-mail with what kind of woman he is looking for:


Thanx for the help, Thom. First off, comic books. She has got to like them. No like love them. But certainly not so much that she can recite as much information about Superman’s Kryptonian heritage. Granted, that might be hard, I mean, who hasn’t heard of Erok El??? But if she at least knows who the new Batwoman is, I am happy. Manga don’t count.

I also want to stress “gamer”. I mean, she should be good enough that I don’t have to explain how to use my PS3, X-Box 360 or Weii. I want a girl with some experience. Well, not too much, if you know what I mean. If she can beat me in Gears of War, that’s one doomed relationship.

TV. She has got to love Buffy and Battle Star Galactica (not the old one, the new kewl one with sexy Cylons!). Same as comics and games. Knowledgeable enough that I do not have to explain everything, but not enough that she could correct me in the rare case I might be wrong.

Music is not that important, as long as she likes Linkin Park and 50 Cent.

Then there is the looks thing. Totally not important, maybe something like Jessica Alba (circa Dark Angel) or maybe Scarlet Johannson. Or that girl from the OC…Rachel something or other. She looked hot dressed as Wonder Woman. I am totally open to all races, especially hot Asian girls. She should take care of herself some, you know, go to the gym and stuff, but not force me to tag along.

That’s it. I am not too picky, afterall. Man, I wish it wasn’t so tough to find a gamer/comic girl who digs geeks, y’know?


So…um…there you all go. Any takers? No, you cannot have his address so you can kick him in the groin (I know someone was thinking that!). I know, I know, ladies. You are all thinking, “Why aren’t there more guys like him?” But you are so in luck! Let me let you know where you can find your own Frank (just in case he gets swooped up soon after I post this!)…your local comic shop is chock full of guys just like Frank!

Again, any takers for Frank out there?

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  1. I think the scariest thing about “Frank” is that for about 30 seconds, I believed he was a real person. The fact that I could not dismiss “his” existence outright is deeply troubling, at least to me. He is too real, Thom. Far too real.

  2. Okay, I’m also one of the people who thought that Frank was real. Because, yeah… All too believable. I have met guys like that IRL.

  3. Nenena,
    Something about how believeable people found Frank makes me wonder if I tapped into something from my youth that I have since put behind me and forgot. (I have found enlightenment to be a lifelong process so far)

    Wow! Thanks! Seriously. I am actually working at building up a portfolio (I tend to write and draw). But I appreciate the kind words. 😀

  4. I didn’t really think Frank was ‘real’ (it was pretty clear you were exaggerating), but at the same time, I know that there are definitely some individuals out there who, while not exactly Frank, are not very far from it.

    Too bad that super model thing isn’t working out for you.

  5. Wow, Frank certainly is special. I almost wish that he was real so I could kick his ass in SSBM eight times in a row. With Princess Peach.

    I love how he goes on about how he’s so not picky about his dream girl at the end. It clinches it.

  6. Send “Frank” to Geek 2 Geek ( If he can’t find the right girl there, he can’t find her anywhere.

  7. There are plenty of Geek girls out there just waiting to be asked on a date. True, they are harder to find, but well worth the effort when you do.
    There are a number of specialist dating sites springing up that cater for the ‘Geek’ market. Might be worth checking one of them out.

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