She’s Got the Power

Ahhhhh Power Girl. The Old OutfitShe’s another relative of Superman’s-originally. She was a Kryptonian on Earth 2 before Crisis On Infinite Earths threw her origin into epileptic convulsions. And when she debuted, she wore this little number.

As you can see, it’s basically a one piece bathing suit and a cape. And compared to modern incarnations? It’s pretty modest. Over the years, the neckline creeped down and the bottom narrowed. And the breasts grew. Apparently she was not finished growing up when we first met her.

And Now we have this:Thoroughly Modern

Note what people “affectionately: refer to as the boob window.  We currently are told that the reason for that window is not to give the boys a nice look at Power Girl’s overwhelming chest(and seriously, who could avoid staring if they were standing in front of her?!  Those breast are capable of blocking the sun dammit!).  Nooooo.  Seriously!  The reason?  She has not found her “logo” yet.  That window is supposed to be where her “Superman” style shield goes.  It’s a good try, but I am not buying it.

So I decided, like Supergirl, I would try and create my own idea of a costume for Power Girl to fight crime in.

Here it is.  I am not fully satisfied.  There are things I think could be better.  But note, no Boob Window.  No bare legs.  Like Supergirl, I wanted an iconic look to the costume.  I kept the color scheme and yeah, the big breasts, since they are pretty solidly within canon at this point.  Where's the Boob Window???Yes, another idea that DC would never use.  Which is why they will probably never hire me.  🙂

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  1. It was dissapointing to have them reveal that Power Girl has the hole there cuz she doesn’t know the symbol to put and then now that she knows she’s Earth-2 Superman’s cousin, she still doesn’t put nething there? Not the wonky Earth-2 S or her own symbol. :\

    The P you came up with is great btw! 😀

    I’m okay with the bare legs, cuz it might be a little easier on her, and she’s invincible neways XD But the hole int he chest has always been rly silly. :\ And given how big they are, a sports bra would prolly be rly helpful!

  2. I debated on just leaving the bare legs, since I was trying to have a costume that still recognized her outfits over the years.

    I think the reason for the boob window was a “HEY! This is a workable motivation” for the mini-series. I don’t think any writers are artists cared once the series ended and Infinite Crisis kicked into gear.

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