If I Wrote Smallville…

What can I say? I aim high. Over at One Diverse Comic Book Nation, Loren talks about his love hate relationship with Smallville. I understand this, as that pretty accurately describes how I feel about the show. I don’t watch Smallville in first run anymore. I wait for it to hit DVD.

I grew tired of the whole Clark/Lana deal. Why are they so into each other? I don’t get it. Chloe was, early on, the Lois stand in. And I liked that general concept of someone who might inspire Clark to seek out a journalism career. Of course, the whole unrequited love got tiring fast, as it felt so “Some Kind of Wonderful”…Lana is the flashy hot girl that Clark likes, Chloe is the “plain”(in the TV version of plain, which means she is still hot) girl Clark should notice, but fails to see “what is right in front of him.” Pete Ross was well cast and so Clark had this tiny group of friends from whom he hid the secret. His parents were well cast as well. And then there was Lex and his father, Lionel Luthor. This was the most inspired casting and some of the best stuff of the early seasons. John Glover never fails to impress as Lionel.

And yet, so often, the show drops the ball. Potential great storylines are quickly resolved. Jor El is one minute ominous and threatening, another wanting Clark to save the earth. So, I decided to present my outline of what I would have done with each season. Now, mind you, some of the things reflect stuff that did happen.

Season 1: This season is a little tough. It’s the introduction. I would have made more of the struggle the Kents feel between protecting their son and knowing he has gifts that can help people. To often they erred, rather falsely, on “keep the secret.” Superman is a result of his parents. He does what he does, because they knew that as much as they may want to protect him, he has to do what is right. In Smallville, they set up the premise that almost suggests Superman becomes a noble hero in spite of his parents. I also would have reflected the relationship between Jonathon and Clark versus Lionel and Lex a bit more.

Season 2: I would have followed this one a bit more as it played out. However, about five episodes before the finale, I would have Clark decide he has to tell Lana about his secret. So he sits her down in the loft and tells her everything. And she takes it badly. Very badly. She spends the rest of the season resenting Clark, seeing him as a reason her parents are dead. Now, she doesn’t get revenge-y or anything. She just stops talking to Clark. His worst fear was realized. Lana rejected him when she found out the truth. Pete knowing the truth, tries to talk to Lana, but that’s know help. She closes off.

Clark is also caught up in his struggles with Jor El. I would have made sure that Jor El seemed more ambiguous. His words could go either way. Maybe he is saying he sent Clark to be a hero…maybe a conquerer. Clark’s relationship to his parents is becoming more strained, as is his friendships with Pete and Chloe. The only friendship he seems to maintain is the one with Lex.

Lex, in trying to be noble like Clark has been secretly researching Lionel. Of course, Lionel knows and has Lex dispatched, at least it appears that way. The plan doesn’t quite work, but Lionel thinks Lex is dead. Clark, now feeling friendless and with little support destroys his spaceship, causing damage to the homestead and wounding his mother. Clark, in an effort to forget the damage he has done, puts on the Red Kryptonite ring and drives off.

Season 3: Everyone’s looking for Clark. The Kents are exhausting every avenue, Chloe and Pete are searching for Clark. Lionel offers help to Chloe in locating Clark. While reluctant, she says okay, and through the season, becomes somewhat seduced by the perks of doing work for Luthor.

We find Clark in Metropolis. He is living the high life of popular guy and top bouncer at a top club, a club run by business man/mob boss Morgan Edge. He sees potential in his club’s young bouncer and takes an interest in him. Clarks semi-high profile allows Lionel to find him. Lionel points Chloe in the right direction. She tries to talk to Clark, but he rebuffs her. She returns to Smallville and alerts theKents.

Lex is hiding out in L.A. He is hiding out with a friend, Sebastion. Sebastion has a secret. He leads a cult. Lex is swayed by his friend’s words and ends up joining the cult, the Church of Blood.

Dr. Swann contacts the Kents, trying to reach Clark.

About mid season, desperate, Jonathon Kent seeks out Jor El and makes his pledge. Jor El is cryptic as always. This is a meeting of two fathers who care about the fate of the son they share. Jonathon is given a chunk of Kryptonite that temporarily will endow him with the powers of a Kryptonian. He rushes to Metropolis. In metropolis he confronts Clark and they have a knock down drag out fight. The fight results in the destruction of the Red Kryptonite ring, allowing Clark to regain his senses. His father collapses and he rushes him back to Smallville.

The second half of the season is Clark trying to repair all his friendships and relationships. Lana has had a lot of time to come to terms with everything. She and Clark talk quite a bit. By end of season, they are going to try and be a couple, because Lana has to admit, that Clark is not truely responsible for her parents death, and is a good man. And Lana is a generous hearted person. Clark is also introduced to Doctor Swann.

The season ends with a small party of friends and family celebrating Clark being back. But they see on the TV an interview with a man calling himself Brother Blood. Standing behind the seated Brother? Lex Luthor.

Season 4: Clark and Lana date and have a good relationship going. But Clark and Chloe are researching the Church of Blood. They want to try and help Lex. Clark and Chloe head out to California (Clark tried to go alone, but she would not have any of that). Clark discovers her connection to Lionel, because when they get to the airport he discovers they are flying out on a private Luthor Corp jet. This creates some tension. But they put it aside for the time being.

In L.A., they confront Brother Blood, who sets a trap. To save himself and Chloe, he has to reveal his powers. Blood, along with Lex, flees L.A. Clark and Chloes return to Smallville, only to find Moran Edge has been paying visits. Clark spends a few episodes resolving issues with Edge. Chloe finds out that Brother Blood has been seen in another part of the country. And then another. Lionel starts raiding Chloe’s files and makes a startling discovery. He also tries to open communication with Swann.

The end of the season brings them to Gotham, where Clark and Chloe run afoul of a young vigilante. His name? Bruce Wayne. Wayne quickly deduces there is something different about Clark. They team up to go after Blood.

Season 5: They take on Blood, defeat him and then return to Smallville with Lex. Lex is taken back by Lionel, who decides that Lionel needs to be deprogrammed, forcing him through a rigorous and tortured “deprogramming”.

Clark is getting ready for college. He meets a professor he takes a liking to, Prof. Milton Fine. Basically, I would have followed the season 5 Braniac arc. Clark’s eye site gets messed up briefly, forcing him to wear glasses. This is when I would allow Lois to show up. But only on a few episodes. She would not be a regular. I would definitely go with the “Zod” storyline as well. Fine shows up at the Mental Hospital where Lex is kept and passes him a device that opens the door to freeing Zod. It turns Lex into a conduit, to be an acolyte of Zod (not yet revealed).

At the end of the season, Lex shows up at the Kent farm. He explains he is unsure why he was supposed to bring his new “benifactor” to see Clark. And Zod steps from the shadows. Zod grabs Clark and flies into the sky. Zod sends Clark into the Phantom Zone and returns to earth. He tells Lex he has big plans for the planet.

I think I would have also had an episode where Clark meets a hotshot college kid who is a pilot named Hal. Or a cartoonist named Kyle, who has a fancy green ring.

I have to wait for season 6 to hit DVD to decide what I would do differently.

3 thoughts on “If I Wrote Smallville… Leave a comment

  1. I like how you would have written Smallville. Oh, as Cher says, “If I could turn back time.”

    PS – Pete Ross! I forgot…now that he’s gone, Chloe is also PETE ROSS as well. She’s quite the renaissance woman, huh?

  2. She has basically functioned as the fill in for various characters from the comic when they were not present in the show, hasn’t she? She was practically the Perry White back in the high school days, what with running the Torch. 🙂

  3. You rly should write Smallville. 😐

    I’m rly dissapointed by how far off base Smallville has been. :\ If you’re gonna use the character of Superman, you should at least kinda make it make sense for Superman. Season 6 has been very dissapointing btw 😦 And Lana is rly annoying!!!

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