Super Short…

One of the common complaints against recent incarnations of Supergirl is her costume.

It’s one of many, to be frank,very valid concerns. Bare in mind, she’s sixteen. Is it kiddie porn? Not really. But it is absurd and I think part of what keeps a lot of female heroes from being taken seriously.

Now, I realize that the newer outfit of the past couple years is inspired by the animated version of Supergirl from the Animated Superman series.

In comparison, that is a modest outfit.  Supergirl seems more Paris Hilton than Maid of Steel, and I realize that in the DC universe, most alien women, by default, are sexual exhibitionists.  But I think this keeps people from taking Supergirl that seriously.  She’s the cheesecake version of Superman right now.

I’ve toyed around and tried to come up with an outfit that feels more right.  She is Supergirl, Superman’s cousin, so it felt wrong to lose the Superman theme.  What I opted for was getting rid of the skirt.  The main reason is, it seems silly for a girl who flies to have a skirt…especially a short one.  I also tried to emphasize a look of youth and strength with this one.   I hope people like it.  It’s simple, I know.


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  1. I like it! 😀 I never understood why Supergirl HAD to wear a skirt XD And I found it odd that Superman said that his mom made the current Supergirl outfit. That seems like a strange design for a 60-70 y/o woman to make. :O Maybe she was trying to be “hip”? XD

    But I like your design 🙂 Too bad DC will never use it. :\ For one the breasts are too small and she’s wearing a bra XD

  2. In the Peter David run of Supergirl, when they switched to the animated outfit it was a mini skirt, but there was something like biker shorts under it that actually came down just below the jirt a bit in the art work.

    You know, when I read I focus as a guy less on the length of skirt, but this is a drawn female figure, so it is not like a picture of a real live woman for me. What I do think is how the clothing actually works like that. The physics of some superheroine outfits boggle the mind.

  3. Ami,
    Thanks! Of course…yes…I don’t think DC would go for a lot of my potential changes. See my upcoming Powergirl redesign later today. 🙂

    Yeah…the costumes sometimes make me wonder what drugs the creator was taking.

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